My study with Sally Ireland (speech pathologist) and my experiences with Estill Voice Training, along with my insatiable ‘need to read’ have helped develop my knowledge of how the voice works and given me the language to explain this to others. My own performance experience gives me a deep understanding of how all this relates to the podium.

The voice as an instrument infinitely fascinating and how it relates to us as expressive, emotional individuals is also intriguing.

Control of your instrument is essential in all styles of singing and particularly when it comes to jazz. Spontaneity of phrasing and improvisation requires a reliable and flexible instrument that lets you go where you want to musically.

Teaching and singing are for me intimately linked: one informs the other and both are equally, though differently, satisfying.

I have a small number of private students. For enquiries please mail

Current teaching positions…

2005 -         Stedelijk Conservatorium of Muziek, Mechelen


        vocal teacher/vocal ensemble/ combo

2013 -                 Academie Grimbergen

                            vocal teacher/vocal ensemble

Previous Teaching Positions…

2007 – 2014       Conservatorium of Gent (B)

          vocal teacher/improvisation lessons

2005 – 2008Stedelijk Academie Muziek, Woord en Dans, Sint-Niklaas (B)

           vocal teacher/vocal ensemble

2003 – 2004Australian National University (Canberra, AUS)

           Vocal Teacher/vocal ensemble/ensemble

2001 – 2002University of NSW (Sydney, AUS)

           Vocal Teacher

2001 – 2002 St. Catherine’s Waverly (Sydney, AUS)

           vocal teacher/vocal ensemble

1993 – 2004SCECGS Redlands (Sydney, AUS)

           vocal teacher

1995           Austalian Institute of Music (Sydney, AUS)

           vocal teacher

Academic Qualifications…

2007Master of ~Jazz, Royal Conservatory of Music, Brussels (B)

1989Bachelor of Jazz Studies, Australian National University – Institute of Arts. (Canberra, AUS)

Other study…

2013     Level 1 and 2 – Estill Voice Training

2008    Voice Workshop with Sheila Jordan (USA)

2004    Voice Workshop with Mark Murphy (USA)

1998    Music Theatre & Cabaret Performer Training Seminar with Robert Edwin (USA), Toni Lamond, Tommy Tycho, Max Lambert etc.

1996     Voice Workshop with Jo Estill - EVTS (USA)

1989     Voice lessons with Kerrie Biddell (Australia’s most respected jazz singer)

1984 – 1987  Voice lessons with Helen Swan – BA Mus.Dip.Ed